Construction Loan Administration

Sabal Financial Third Party Servicing offers construction loan servicing, providing a high-level of risk management from start to finish. Sabal Financial’s project expertise spans multiple property types including single family residential, tract development, commercial construction property renovation and property conversion. Sabal Financial also has a proven track record of resolving defaulted and stalled construction projects.

Sabal Financial’s construction loan administration functions include pre-closing and post-closing activities. Pre-closing activities include cost review and underwriting. In addition to post-closing servicing and reporting functions, specialized post-closing activities include disbursement administration, lien management, progress inspection, and tracking and reporting.

Benefits of Sabal Financial’s Construction Loan Administration

  • Turnkey solution for quick entry into the business with no infrastructure cost
  • Specialized team of professionals dedicated to this line of business
  • High level of risk management and completion oversight

For more information please contact: Vartan Derbedrossian at (877) 900-6272.