CRE Term Lending

Sabal Financial’s Term Lending combines the power of innovative technology and a world-class real estate and finance team to provide broker partners with accelerated loan processing, improved transaction visibility and a high-caliber experience in the commercial small balance term lending marketplace.


Sabal Financial lending is supported by SNAP™, an easy-to-use, robust, web-based tool that allows broker partners to generate live quotes on loans.  SNAP™ automates certain portions of the loan application and closing process and provides real-time viewing and management of deals, providing power of information at our brokers’ fingertips.

Key Benefits

  • Standardized, efficient loan process.
  • Exclusively wholesale.
  • Improved transaction visibility through real-time interest rate quote generator, loan tracking tools and a dynamic closing checklist.
  • Specialized team of professionals with an average experience of 20+ years results in a premier lending experience.