Third Party Servicing

Sabal Financial Third Party Servicing offers a comprehensive platform for the efficient servicing of large portfolios with a core focus on risk management and the maximization of repayment of returns for CMBS lenders, banks, funds and insurance companies operating nationwide.


Sabal Financial’s services include the servicing of performing loan assets, the special servicing of non-performing loans in varying degrees of default, and Real Estate Owned (REO) assets. Sabal Financial’s robust servicing offering is bolstered by a technology-rich platform recognized for providing efficiency and scalability in the servicing of loan portfolios of all sizes.

Sabal Financial Third Party Servicing also offers construction loan administration services, providing a high-level of risk management from start to finish. The process begins with a comprehensive document and cost review process, followed by construction and budget monitoring through project completion.

For more information please contact: Vartan Derbedrossian at (877) 900-6272.