Bank Credit Advisory

Sabal Financial’s Bank Credit Advisory practice serves its clients with a tiered-evaluation approach that creates interim and final deliverables to provide early “go/no go” determinations, price negotiations and final-stage estimates of expected loss within the loan portfolio. Sabal Financial’s Bank Credit Advisory practice performs credit advisory services for:

Investors and Bank Holding Companies seeking to acquire partial ownership in operating banks or whole-bank purchase transactions. Our reports have been used to assess existing bank credit procedures including loan surveillance, portfolio management and adequacy of Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses. In the case of whole bank purchases, our report has frequently been used to help establish the opening balance sheet necessary under the Purchase Method of Accounting.

Investment Bankers seeking to recapitalize bank clients. Our evaluations and reports include content and scope required to assist investment bankers in providing relevant, unbiased credit and management assessments fundamental to their investment recommendation.

Banks seeking to exit shared loss agreements or seeking to validate existing procedures and adequacy of their ALLL, including community banks seeking to create relevancy through merger and subsequent recapitalization strategies. We work with banks seeking to acquire other banks on both a pre-failure and post-failure basis, and evaluate credit losses remaining in post-failure, loss share portfolios.


For more information please contact: Jason Hull at (949) 517-0824.